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About Chris Woods

Chris Woods is a machine.  He often cycles 30 miles a day before most of us hit the snooze button.  He embodies that same determination and discipline as a director/DP whether he’s shooting the iconic landscape running scenes for Forrest Gump, intimate documentary stories, or bringing a product to life.  Patient and calm, he’s also a natural with kids.  Chris has an innately keen visual eye and freely admits that he operates pretty much solely with the right side of his brain.  Outside directing, his other passion is airplanes.  Old, new, fast, slow, even sailplanes with no engine, he loves and can fly them all (which does require a little left brain activity).  His focus, attention to detail, and multi-tasking skills make him an epic visual storyteller both behind the camera and at a dinner party.  If he weren’t such a dynamic filmmaker, he’d be a drummer touring the world…with David Gilmour.

Favorite lens: He won’t commit and sleeps with them all.

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