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About Justin Shipley

Justin Shipley is a savant.  He is a certified Phantom technician, a certified SHOTOVER aerial cinematographer, an expert in large format digital cameras, and has years as an editor/mixer/colorist under his belt.  In short, Justin knows more about filmmaking technology than probably anyone you know.  He is an innovative, highly driven director/DP whose artistic eye is concurrently expansive and precise in shooting everything from landscapes to tabletop to macro-photography.  Quick and very physical on set, Justin is very hands on and loves getting dirty.  He is also a pacifist.  He strives toward simplicity of spirit, equality, and stewardship of the environment.  These personal beliefs contribute to a collaborative and calm set where no challenge is too big.  In his free time, he plays golf, runs, flies, plays the piano, goes rock climbing, and obsessively plays with cameras.  Ingenious and resourceful, he once adopted a dog to impress his then girlfriend.  It worked.  She is now his wife and they have three beautiful children.  And the dog.

Favorite lens: 50mm Zeiss Master or Cooke S4 prime

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