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About Paul Riccio

Paul Riccio wears size 32 pants and readily admits that he frequented the husky boys department until age 12.  Endlessly on

the move ever since, this creative genius got rolling at an early age, breaking into the biz by making shorts with Sally Jessy

Raphael (yes, of the large red glasses) and Steve Guttenberg.  Paul has a mind that constantly moves forward, onward, and

outward.  He is a highly productive docu and comedy specialist with a knack for improv and bringing out the best in his actors.

He blew away the comedy world with his short doc, The Timmy Brothers – Water Makers, which is currently studied in a

business class at the University of Michigan and became the basis of a Harvard student’s MBA thesis.  That’s right, this Boston

University alum has graduated to the Ivy League.  When he’s not running the show as a director, he can usually be found binge

watching movies in a huge theater by himself or enjoying a stroll on the streets of hometown NYC at 2am.

Professional to the core, Paul is a collaborative spirit whose joy for the business and artful, hysterical eye keep agencies and

audiences asking for more.


Favorite lens:  “Well, don’t they travel as a set in that nice little Pelican case?”

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