Film & TV

About Rich Wafer

Rich Wafer is a perfect trifecta:  successful director, serious baseball fan, and professional chef all rolled into one incredibly talented package.  A graduate of Santa Clara University where he studied television production and photography, Rich developed strong roots in production starting from the ground up.  Known for his conversational interviewing style, Wafer is able to uncover a range of emotions from joyous to painful to silly to tears.  Rich cultivates a relaxed set environment where his subjects can feel comfortable in front of the lens.  As a director, he loves the art of taking a story and marrying it to a product whether it’s a commercial or a long form film.  When he’s not on set, you’ll find him in the kitchen cooking or reveling in a ball game…at Dodger Stadium.

Favorite movies:  Inglorious Bastards and Michael Clayton.

Favorite charity:  Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention

Favorite lens:  Never just one.