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About Todd Heyman

Todd Heyman is cool under pressure.  Like a fighter in the ring, the crazier and more intense things get on set, the calmer and more focused he becomes.  No coincidence that he used to teach boxing classes.  A passionate and voracious storyteller, Todd finds a deep connection with the storyboard that makes him fall in love.  He pours that passion into every project and it shows.  A former actor and walking movie encyclopedia, Todd gets energized by a set environment where a small army of people collaborate to make a vision come alive.  He is a believer in the enormous power of the moving image’s ability to reflect who we are and who we want to be. If he weren’t a director he’d be designer or an architect, which isn’t surprising as he has a gift for building beautiful, truthful images through the lens.  He finds genetics fascinating and shares the exact same weird pattern in his green/hazel eyes with his dad.  A low maintenance guy, Todd loves the spirit of a road trip with no plan in a beat up vintage car with the top down.

 Favorite lens: “I have a love affair with wide angles lenses (18 or 21mm Zeiss) because you get scale but an unsettling intimacy in a close up.”