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All For Love

An adaptation of a novel by the same name, ALL FOR LOVE is a family adventure story set in the Sea of Cortez.  Focusing primarily on a father/daughter relationship, the story begins with Michael and his daughter Hope adrift on the Sea of Cortez after a mishap on a fishing trip.

As the rigors of the sea, diminishing health and the constant swings of unsuspecting weather begin to test the mettle of each individually, along with their own fractured relationship, family and friends set out to search for the lost pair.  As one day turns to many, Michael recalls how he met Hope’s mother and the adventures of his youth, learning to fly airplanes under the tutelage of his mentor and father figure Bill Frazier. Told in the manner of The English Patient and in the emotional vein of The Notebook, ALL FOR LOVE shows how a family’s love for each other conquers even the biggest of obstacles.

Status: In Development

Category: Feature Film
Production Company: Traveling Picture Show Company
Genre: Family Drama
Country of Origin: USA
Language: English

Writer: Turk Pipkin

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