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My Only Sunshine

A pair of ruthless bank-robbers plans a heist on a local bank in order to fund their long awaited divorce. Unfortunately, the plan takes several unexpected turns as this couple wreaks havoc on all involved. A hilariously scary romp based on a couple who have serious commitment issues.

Production Company: Traveling Picture Show Company, Circle of Confusion

Genre: Action/Thriller
Country of Origin: USA
Language: English

Director: JT Petty
Writer: JT Petty and Kate Petty
Producers: Carissa Buffel, Kevin Matusow, Steven Chester Prince

Casting: Mary Vernieu

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all the happenings for "My Only Sunshine"
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23.Oct.2015 by TPSCadmin
Scouting in Canada’s capital for MY ONLY SUNSHINE

TPSC hits the streets of Ottawa, Canada scouting for latest film, MY ONLY SUNSHINE.

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13.Sep.2015 by TPSCadmin
Toronto: J.T. Petty to Direct Bank Robbery Thriller ‘My Only Sunshine’ (EXCLUSIVE)

J.T. Petty will direct the upcoming thriller “My Only Sunshine.” The film centers on a pair of bank robbers who plan a heist in order to finance their divorce. Petty wrote with screenplay with K