Early Festival Buzz for Divine Access

Posted 09.Apr.2015 by TPSCadmin

DIVINE ACCESS is gearing up for festivals all across the U.S.—starting off with the World Premiere at Sarasota Film Festival this weekend!

Come check it out and see what the buzz is all about! Here are various highlights from festival news.

Our Best Bets for the 9th Annual Dallas International Film Festival by Dallas Observer:
This looks like an extremely interesting comedy. Billy Burke plays Jack Harriman, a man who has recently become a celebrity for debunking one of those sleazy TV evangelists. Using his new found fame, he hits the road on a tour to tell the truth, but he has other forces pulling him in different directions. 

The premise reminds me a little of Steve Martin’s Leap of Faith but Divine Access had me at Patrick Warburton and Gary Cole. Both of these actors can make anything hilarious. If we could get them working together more often, that would be just great.”

10 Must-see Films from the Sarasota Film Festival by Bradenton Herald:
“The world premiere of a comedy about a man who goes onto a cable access show to debate a fundamentalist preacher and ends up attracting a following. Dunaway says it’s a cross between The Big Lebowski and Life of Brian.”

Newport Beach Film Festival, Take 16 by Newport Beach Indy:
“On Friday night we also have a great revisionist western called ‘Slow West,’ and another great film called ‘Divine Access,’ with Gary Cole and Patrick Warburton,” said Schwenk. “We’ll have our traditional seminars on Saturday and Sunday that are focused on directing, acting, editing and cinematography, plus a new one this year on crowd funding.”

World film fest hits Houston: A fearless guide to the strange and powerful movies that will change your life by CultureMap Houston:

“A Spicy Comedy Starring Gary Cole
If there’s some television and movie workhorse actor Gary Cole on the menu, you got to at least try some of that. Because who doesn’t like Gary Cole? He’s like tacos.

In Divine Access he plays a public access television preacher who gets debunked on air. As his fortunes fall, the man who humiliated him takes to the road as a new celebrity, until they meet again for a final showdown. This movie about public-access television, spiritual celebrities and road trips, could be that quirky indy hit you’ll be telling everyone you saw first.”