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New Signing: Director Todd Heyman Signs with TPSC

Posted 24.Oct.2016 by TPSCadmin


Visual storytelling director adds to TPSC’s directorial roster

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Traveling Picture Show Company announces the addition of director Todd Heyman to its roster.

Click here for Heyman reel.

Todd Heyman is a visual storyteller with a great strength for conveying human emotion.  He joins TPSC with an expansive creative background that includes acting, writing, and design. He began his career by developing campaigns for Miramax Films, with his first film, Wholey Moses, being a finalist at the Tribeca Film Festival and landing on HBO.  He found himself in the commercial world after his first spot, Nike The Getaway, won Best Commercial at the Webby Awards.

Artful, talented, and compassionate, Heyman connects with genuine emotion to every project.  His latest, a PSA for Esbriet with Ogilvy, proves just that.   “There is a compelling story in every project, no matter what it is,” explains Heyman.  “I am energized by finding that narrative and collaborating with a small army of people to make that vision come alive.  I’ve always been in awe of the enormous power of the moving image’s ability to reflect who we are and who we want to be.”

With an immediate connection, Heyman and TPSC EP Dawn Clarke are ready to complete the perfect puzzle.  “I sat and met with Dawn and we really clicked.  She understood my work instantly – she just got it, even better than I did,” says Heyman.  “It was such a lucky happenstance.  I was in NY and thought we’d say hello as friends of friends,” adds Clarke.  “Hours later after a discussion about every aspect of the business and his work, we just knew we had to work together.”