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10.Jan.2017 by TPSCadmin

West Coast Company DeVine Reps Join TPSC

14.Nov.2016 by TPSCadmin

Dawn Clarke named EP

24.Oct.2016 by TPSCadmin

New Signing: Director Todd Heyman Signs with TPSC

23.Oct.2016 by TPSCadmin

New Signing: East Coast Rep Lew & Co. Sign

05.Oct.2016 by TPSCadmin

Paul Riccio / Black Label Bacon / Reggie Watts in Adweek

01.Oct.2016 by TPSCadmin

TPSC Photo Blog: Chris Woods on set with the Army

30.Sep.2016 by TPSCadmin

Paul Street named AdForum Top5 #1

23.Sep.2016 by TPSCadmin

Director Paul Riccio sizzles with Reggie Watts

19.Sep.2016 by TPSCadmin

Willie Nelson “Cameo” in Street’s Volkswagen Spot

22.Aug.2016 by TPSCadmin

New Signing: Paul Riccio signs with TPSC

20.Aug.2016 by TPSCadmin

TPSC Photo Blog: Paul Street is “On the Road Again” with VW

04.Aug.2016 by TPSCadmin

TPSC Photo Blog: Chris Woods and Justin Shipley Ride with Busch Gardens

03.Aug.2016 by TPSCadmin

Director Gus Black’s Wild Feathers Video featured in Rolling Stone!

02.Aug.2016 by TPSCadmin

PR Brown’s Enterprise Charles Kelley Experience in Ad Age!

27.Jul.2016 by TPSCadmin

Farewell, Sam!

27.Jul.2016 by TPSCadmin

WBENC Certified!

20.Jul.2016 by TPSCadmin

TPSC Photo Blog: Director PR Brown gets #MoreMinutes with Great Clips

24.Jun.2016 by TPSCadmin

TPSC Photo Blog: Director/Partner Chris Woods at SeaWorld

08.Jun.2016 by TPSCadmin

Justin Shipley Interviewed by SHOOTonline for New Director’s Showcase!

11.May.2016 by TPSCadmin

TPSC Director Justin Shipley selected for SHOOTonline’s 14th Annual New Directors Showcase!