Sam Crawford in the House!

Vast experience and personality to match, Sam Crawford brings a comedic dialect to TPSC’s growing directorial roster

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today commercial production company The Traveling Picture Show Company welcomes Director Sam Crawford for exclusive representation.

View his reel here.

Known for his comedy based dialogue expertise, Sam Crawford brings TPSC an elevated sense of humor, and a diversified background as the latest addition to the now 13 member directorial roster. His resume includes photography, fine art, actor improvisation, and film editing making his abilities behind the camera that much more special.

“I see my projects as the agencies babies that I’m offering to raise as my own; taking the job as seriously as they do,” Crawford explains. “One thing that drew me to TPSC was EP John Noble; his agency background and understanding of the ‘birth process’, how the work must jive with the method of directing. He just gets the meaning and direction of a project mapped out by an agency, and that’s rare. This industry is incredibly competitive, and for good reason. We have to be like super-nannies,” Crawford smiles. “We didn’t give birth to the scripts, but we have to raise them like we did; like our own biological creations. We have to create the environment in which the ideas can soar to greatness.”

Crawford becomes TPSC’s first true comedy dialogue director. “We’ve been searching for the right comedy dialogue talent to compliment our growing roster, Sam is the right fit for us,” says Executive Producer/Partner John Noble. “He’s a funny guy, smart too and extremely focused in his career goals. I like that passion and drive in a director. Sam has the unique ability to incorporate that subtle, relatable, laugh-out-loud moment to a spot; something that everyone can identify with.”

Since launching his career in Atlanta as an editor, then DP/director, Crawford has collaborated with major players such as McDonalds, Verizon, Domtar, ESPN, Samsung, Capital One, and Sport Illustrated. “I love my work, pushing the standards, and growing with a company. The Traveling Picture Show Company satisfies all three, it’s set to a contemporary model that’s important to the industry and has broad reach with both commercial and film sides,” says Crawford. “At the end of the day, I want to make people laugh and, most importantly, to relate to the stories.”

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