Aviator/Director Chris Woods Says Farewell to His “Old Girl”

Director and Aviator Extraordinaire Chris Woods is saying farewell to his “Old Girl,” a 1933 Waco biplane. Having sold it a gentleman in Virginia, the California-based Woods felt the best way to say farewell was to fly her across the country himself.

Chris’ Waco, UBF-2 N13071, originated from the shop of Curly Havelaar, a World War II aviator who fell in love with the model and the saved many from decay and destruction, including the factory prototype. The model is generally regarded as the greatest sports biplane every built. Chris purchased his from Curly in 1990. It was a new fuselage with a center section and went on to win the prestigious Rolls-Royce National Aviation Heritage Invitational’s Orville and Wilbur Wright Best Antique award at the Reno National Air Races in 2004.

Over the next five days we’ll go on the trip with him. We tried to dissuade him, it’s very cold flying at 100 miles an hour below freezing in an open cockpit aircraft, but since we were unsuccessful, we’ll enjoy the ride, from our computers.