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Boccamazzo Construction: We Build “Walls”!

Boccamazzo Construction: We Build “Walls”!

As Donald Trump digs his heels in over plans to build his wall, the release of this satirical short about a firm of ‘wall builders’ is brilliantly timed.

Written and directed by Paul Riccio, whose previous work includes a brilliant spoof documentary about artisanal water, the film follows the Boccamazzo brothers, Bobby and Todd – Brooklyn-based builders of walls (and only walls), who’ve been asked to help build Trump’s wall between Mexico and the USA.

Despite being, in Riccio’s words, ‘slightly smarter than lunch meat’, the brothers have a distinguished pedigree ‘in keeping people apart’, coupled with some interesting insights into the cultural issues at stake. “What’s everyone afraid of Mexico and Mexicans for? I don’t understand,” says one. “Yeah, the only thing I’m afraid of is that friggin’ mole sauce,” replies the other. “It’s like takin’ a big old dump on your food. A sweet dump.” Enjoy.

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