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Directed by P.R. Brown

Directed by Stephanie Laing

U.S. Army

Directed by Chris Woods


Directed by Justin Shipley

Famous Footwear

Directed By Justin Shipley

The Blackcoat’s Daughter


Directed by Peter Zuccarini


Directed by Paul Street

A Walk Among Tombstones


Directed by Ruairi Robinson

Black Label Bacon

Directed by Paul Riccio


Directed by Chris Woods

Divine Access


Directed by P.R. Brown


Directed by Stephanie Laing


Directed by Ruairi Robinson

The Quiet Ones

Lend a Hand for Love

Directed by John Alan Thompson

Boccamazzo Construction

Directed by Paul Riccio


Directed by Justin Shipley


Directed by P.R. Brown


Directed by P.R. Brown


Directed by Paul Riccio

Let’s Dance

Directed by John Alan Thompson


Directed by Gus Black


Directed by Justin Shipley

Seriously Digital Ent.

Directed by Gus Black


Directed by Chris Woods

Land Rover

Directed by Brian Huston


Directed by Gus Black

The Timmy Brothers – Water Makers

Directed by Paul Riccio


Directed by Brian Huston

Union Pacific Railroad

Directed by Justin Shipley

T-Rowe Price

Directed by Chris Woods

Gary Clark Jr.’s “Can’t Sleep”

Directed by Gus Black

Cox Communications

Directed By Paul Street


Directed By Justin Shipley


TPSC is an innovative development and production company that excels in meeting the demands of the changing world of production. Headed by an experienced team of cutting edge thinkers, TPSC is ready to fulfill your commercial, online branded content, television, and film production needs. We have a successful record of consistently creating and delivering exceptional visual content over a multitude of platforms. We work hand in hand with our creatives to achieve extraordinary results on every project.


We are resourceful minds and creative personalities from across the entertainment industry spectrum, each bringing our own unique skill set to the creation of award winning content.

We are a certified women owned business and pride ourselves in championing every project and breaking barriers by providing a strong platform for under-represented creative talent.


Carissa Buffel

Partner / CEO

An experienced producer and company executive whose prolific career has taken her around the globe producing independent and studio films, television, documentaries and numerous award winning commercials. Carissa’s primary role is to guide the strategic direction of the company and oversee day to day operations. She works directly with the TPSC team on developing its content and actively produces the projects under the TPSC banner.

Kevin Matusow

Partner / President

Kevin Matusow, the President of The Traveling Picture Show Company and co-CEO of TPSC Films, is an established producer with over 15 years of experience working in commercial advertising production and independent motion pictures. Kevin has traveled throughout the world producing creative content and has played a pivotal role in launching The Traveling Picture Show Company and its early successes. TPSC has expanded into a full-fledged production studio with divisions in film, television and commercial advertising.

Kate Bacon


Kate is a founding partner of The Traveling Picture Show Company and an executive producer / partner of TPSC Films. She brings 25 years of fundraising, business, and management skills to the team and collaborates on identifying and developing new projects for the company.

Chris Woods

Partner / Director / DP

A founding partner of TPSC, Chris Woods brings over 30 years of experience as a director / DP to the company. He has an innately keen visual eye and freely admits that he operates pretty much solely from the right side of his brain. His work has won numerous industry awards for commercials, documentaries, and feature films working with Paramount, Turner Pictures, New Line Cinema and Netflix. His focus is on the creative development and production of content across a variety of platforms.

Dawn Clarke

Executive Producer / Commercials

Dawn Clarke brings experience and dedication from start to finish to all of TPSC’s commercial, branded, and short form content. Raised in the Boston area as one of five kids, she thrives on chaos, is a sucker for a good creative, and rarely takes no for an answer. Dawn is a master at self-sourcing business, promoting sales, and maintaining client/agency relationships.

Steven C. Prince

President / Partner TPSC Films

Steve brings over 25 years of experience as an actor, writer, and producer to his role at TPSC Films. His prolific acting credits include recurring roles on PRISON BREAK and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS as well as roles in several feature films including the recent Golden Globe winning film BOYHOOD. Before joining TPSC Films in 2012, Steve teamed up with Brian Oliver and the Thompson family to create Cross Creek Pictures. During his time as Vice President of Development, CCP financed and produced BLACK SWAN, THE WOMAN IN BLACK, with THE IDES OF MARCH next in the pipeline.

As President of TPSC Films, Steve was a producer on THE QUIET ONES, co-produced A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES, wrote and directed DIVINE ACCESS, and executive produced JOSIE in conjunction with The Coalition Group. Steve plays a pivotal role in locating and developing new projects and guiding the strategic direction of TPSC Films.

Luisa Iskin

CEO / The Coalition Group

Luisa began her career in talent management, founding musical artists Jessi Malay (Jive Records / Warner Brothers) and Six Reasons (Gridiron Gang / The Shield), before partnering with Radical Studios, overseeing a library of more than 50 comic book titles. Understated, measured, and unfailingly observant, nothing gets by her. Luisa formed TCG in 2011 and has actively developed over 20 titles in both the feature film and television space. TCG joined forces with TPSC Films in 2016. JOSIE is the first product of that collaboration and credits Luisa as a producer.

Johnny Wunder

Vice President / The Coalition Group

Joining TCG in 2014 as VP of Development, Johnny quickly built a slate of actionable projects from the ground up and helped amass a sizable portfolio of sought after content. TCG has projects in development with Sony, Virgin Produced, and Cross Creek Pictures. A huge fan of the horror genre, Johnny is currently developing horror projects in both the film and television spaces. Boundlessly energetic, he never sits still for long and is a formidable competitor on the golf course.

Stefani Zabner

Executive Assistant

Stefani Zabner graduated summa cum laude from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in acting. Over the last several years, she has transitioned into screenwriting and producing with hopes to continue learning every facet of the industry. Highly organized and motivated, Stefani sees the world as a puzzle and is always looking for new ways to fit the pieces so they are efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Wendy Weitz


Katie Holtberg

PR / Marketing

Katie Holtberg has a sweet tooth. In fact, with a relatively new dog, an even newer husband, and a brand new house, life is pretty sweet for this advertising agency alum turned PR/Marketing Director. Appreciative of all of life’s simplest pleasures, Katie loves being around people and has an infectious smile that can light up a room.

This St. Louis native began her career at Budweiser as a brewery tour guide, thoughtfully allowing for extra tour time in the tasting room. From there, she cut her teeth as a member of an elite special events team for Anheuser-Busch—which loosely translates to being sent to every sporting event across the US (with an unlimited credit card) to meet with vendors and report back to AB. She excelled at it. Switching to advertising, Katie went to work for Cannonball on the AB/Bud Light account and after 7 years moved to RPA, working on the sports sponsorship account for Farmer’s Insurance. These days she focuses her sales and advertising background on promoting both TPSC’s commercial and film divisions in industry publications and across varied social media platforms.

In her free time you’ll probably find Katie at the dog park or making soup and entertaining with Nate.
Fun facts about Katie: She’s an only child. She was a swim coach in college. And she’s always cold….even in LA.


The Traveling Picture Show Company

1531 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028
T: (323) 769-1115

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