TPSC director Joe Schack directs project RenFest!

Shout out to TPSC director Joe Schack on his hilarious project, RenFest!
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RenFest is a TV comedy that explores the office politics of putting on a Renaissance festival, and all the quirky personalities involved. 

This particular festival has the unfortunate experience of hiring Elisabeth Crönk as the new second assistant general manager—she’s a clueless yet tirelessly optimistic and politically correct academic historian that is oblivious to the festival culture—and with her comes AK, her Somali-American assistant.

For the crafters, vendors, acts and players—all the accountants and dental hygienists cum gallant lords and royal maidens—the festival is already everything it should be: fun. 

But for Elisabeth, it’s a chance to give children an historically authentic educational experience addressing the crisis in American education, and that doesn’t include storm troopers or faeries.

Politics and battles of profound import and little consequence ensue. RenFest is a thoroughly entertaining workplace satire that will have you snorting your turkey leg as it skewers today’s complex social and workplace issues ripped from the headlines and writ ridiculously small—but with a big heart.