TPSC Signs Blush Creative Advertising for West Coast Representation

We’re excited to announce a new partnership for West Coast Representation – welcome aboard Blush.

“Blush is a rising star company and we are excited to be partnered with them,” says TPSC EP John Noble. “When two great companies come together really good things happen.”

Founded by Deirdre Rymer in 2008, Blush has worked for creative companies in commercials, branded content and digital media while developing relationships with major worldwide advertising agencies. They’ve worked on accounts like BMW, Energizer, Comcast, KIA, Visa, Gatorade, Sony, Toyota, Nike, HP and Pepsi-Cola.

Noble says that Blush is great because of the skill sets of Rymer and Sales/Executive Producer Rachel Paget.

“I knew Dee back from when I was an Agency guy and she always impressed me with her uncanny ability to provide effective and smart creative solutions across all disciplines, live action, fx, music, post,” everything,” Noble says.

“I wrote an article for Boards Magazine back in 2008 about the future of Sales and Repping. I talked about the industry’s desperate need for what I called at the time, a ‘Rep/Producer.’  Rachel is the marriage of those two skill sets… she is a true hybrid encompassing the very best of both worlds,” he continued.

Rymer began her career in post and has worked for some of the most distinguished editorial and special effects companies in California. She along with Sales/Executive Producer Rachel Paget will be handling new business development.

“We are so pleased to be working with the team at Traveling Picture Show Company,” says Rymer. “They’re the kind of company we dream about working with – great talent and exceptional people make it a great company and an obvious pick for us.”

Check them out at: