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Variety Highlight’s TPSC’s Stephanie Laing for Her “Cobra Kai/Enterprise” Spot

Originally published on April 19, 2019.

“Old Rivals”, directed by Stephanie Laing is YouTube’s latest ad for “Cobra Kai” as it is back for a second season and this time, they’ve teamed up with Enterprise for a co-marketing deal to get the buzz going and the fans excited.

In Variety’s words “The 30-second ad features Macchio and Zabka as themselves playing up their iconic rivalry, as they visit an Enterprise location to each rent cars (watch the spot at this link). Commented Macchio: “By combining the playful ribbing that Billy and I share in real life and blurring the lines with the iconic rivalry of our two characters, it strikes a perfect chord as an ad for both properties. Win-win.””

Great job Stephanie!