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Divine Access

“DIVINE ACCESS” is equal parts comedy and drama.  Set in the south, it’s a road movie, a buddy picture and an often sweet, thought-provoking story of redemption.  Jack Harriman (Billy Burke) has seen it all.  Keenly aware of Jack’s penchant for discrediting religious zealots, Jack is asked to join a cable access television show produced by his friend Bob McCord (Patrick Warburton).   After humiliating the current host of the show, the Reverend Guy Roy Davis (Gary Cole), Jack’s popularity turns him into a spiritual celebrity and he takes to the road on a multi-city speaking tour accompanied by Nigel a self-proclaimed “catcher” (Joel David Moore).   Along the way Jack and Nigel are joined by Amber (Dora Madison), a down on her luck call-girl, and Marian (Sarah Shahi), an enigmatic beauty who challenges Jack’s beliefs and questions whether he has some deeper calling.  Forces both natural and supernatural lead Jack on a journey to discover his own spiritual truth, culminating in a final showdown with Guy Roy.  Ultimately, DIVINE ACCESS is a story of family, friendship and faith.

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Status: Released in theaters May 13, 2016. Out on iTunes and VOD everywhere May 17, 2016

Category: Feature Film
Production Company: Traveling Picture Show Company
In Association With: G-Men Media
Distributor: Freestyle Releasing
Genre: Comedy
Country of Origin: USA
Language: English
Location: Austin, TX

Director: Steven Chester Prince
Writer: Michael Zagst, John A O'Connell & Steve Chester Prince

Producers: Kevin Matusow, Carissa Buffel, Billy Burke, Steven Chester Prince, Terry G. Jones
Executive Producers: Clay Glendenning, Jeffrey Way

Casting Director: Michelle Lewitt
Music Supervisor:  David Claassen
Music Composer:  Casey MacPherson
Editor:  Kindra Marra
Production Designer:  Wiley Fowler
Director of Photography:  Julie Kirkwood


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05.May.2016 by TPSCadmin
Indiewire and Entertainment Tonight preview DIVINE ACCESS

Exclusive clips on Indiewire and Entertainment Tonight from Divine Access. In select theaters on May 13, 2016 and available on iTunes and VOD everywhere on May 17, 2016.

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07.Apr.2016 by TPSCadmin
DIVINE ACCESS on iTunes Movie Trailer (EXCLUSIVE)

Divine Access trailer is now exclusively on iTunes—check it out!

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15.Feb.2016 by TPSCadmin
DIVINE ACCESS Picked Up By Freestyle Digital Media

Great news coming out of the 66th Berlin International Festival: Divine Access is being distributed in the U.S. by Freestyle Digital Media. Congratulations to the wonderful cast and crew! Full Press

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03.Sep.2015 by TPSCadmin
The Hollywood Reporter calls DIVINE ACCESS a “quiet gem”

A great review of DIVINE ACCESS from The Hollywood Reporter. Critic Frank Scheck called it a "sharp and funny satire" as well as "…subtle and insightful humor, Divine Access is a quiet gem.” Rea